Sullivan, Eugene

Eugene “Pidge” Sullivan, 2nd Lt., USAF (Fallen)
April 19, 1934 – July 24, 1958

Born Donald Eugene Fryar, the son of Donald Leonard Fryar and Phyllis J. Hughes. Adopted as Eugene Sullivan by his step father Timothy W. Sullivan.

Eugene Sullivan, Oak Creek Flier, Killed Thursday
Among five men who died Thursday when their helicopter crashed on the Greenland Ice Cap was 2nd Lt. Eugene Sullivan of Oak Creek, the co-pilot of the airplane. The Air Force could not explain what caused the crash as the helicopter disappeared on a routine air recovery mission. The plane was last seen in clouds above the Greenland Ice Cap. A rescue team was sent in Sunday to recover the bodies of the four airmen and one soldier who lost their lives. The bodies will be shipped to McGulre AFB, N. J. Steamboat Pilot, July 31, 1958.

Military Rites For Lt. Sullivan At Oak Creek
Impressive military services were held for Second Lieutenant Eugene Sullivan of Oak Creek in the cemetery there yesterday as many members of his family and his friends mourned the death of the co-pilot. Funeral services were held at the Legion hall and at graveside, with a chaplain from Lowry AFB reading the services. An honor guard was present, as a squad of eight men fired three volleys to commemorate the passing of Lieutenant Sullivan, who died when his helicopter crashed on the Greenland Ice Cap July 24. Another Lowry Air Force man blew taps for the co-pilot in the moving services. Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sullivan of Oak Creek; a brother, Jack of Denver, and his sister, Cindy of Oak Creek. Steamboat Pilot, August 7, 1958.

Five Killed In Crash Of ‘Copter’
Westover Air Force Base, Mass. (AP) — An Air Force helicopter carrying five men crashed Thursday on the Greenland ice cap. A twin engine amphibian that flew over the scene reported no sign of life.

Despite this report Saturday night, and 8th Air Force information officer at Westover said the Air Force would carry the men as missing “until we get a ground party there.”

The copter, out of Thule Air Force Base, crashed 175 miles east of Thule Thursday afternoon.
The information officer said he talked by radio early Saturday evening with Col. Bryson Bailey, wing commander at Thule, and at that time Bailey had not heard from a search party that left Thule aboard tracked vehicles Friday morning.

The helicopter was reported missing Friday morning on a routine air recovery mission 175 miles east of thule. The craft is part of the 55th Air Rescue Squadron. It left Thule, on the northwest coast of Greenland, and disappeared in clouds over the Greenland ice cap after it had been in radio contact with a plane.

1958 – July 25; An SH-21 crew from the 55th ARS attempted to pick up 13 survivors of a C-54 accident at Polar Research Site #2, Greenland. The first SH-21 experienced engine failure at the research site, and a second SH-21 was dispatched. The second SH-21, crewed by 1st Lt. Harry J. Dewald (P), 2nd Lt. Eugene Sullivan (CP), SSgt. John B. Mustain (FM), A3C John H. Depew (FM) crashed near the site, killing the crew and U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Aames A. Alger III. Eventually, the pilot of the downed C-54 was evacuated by an Army L-20, and twelve survivors and five deceased were removed by a weasel train to Thule AB, Greenland. The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY.), Sun, Jul 27, 1958, page 61.

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