Bruce Ware

Flying Training Assignments and dates;

27 Jun. 1960 – 21 Dec. 1960 Primary Flight Training, Moore AB, TX., Class 62A

30 Jan. 1961 – 4 Aug. 1961 Basic Flying Training, Williams AFB, AZ., Class 62A

21 Sep. 1961 – 15 Mar. 1962 Helicopter Pilot Training, Stead AFB, NV., Class 62 B-H

Jan. 1963 H-43 Pilot & Firefighter Training, Stead AFB, NV.

Apr. 1969 – 23 May 1969 H-3 Pilot Training Course, Sheppard AFB, TX.

Jun. 1969 – Aug. 1969 Combat Crew Training HH-3, Eglin AFB, FL.

Military Career;

Apr. 1962 – Jan. 1963 H-19, Det. 1-6, 67th Air Rescue Squadron – Zaragoza, AB, Spain

Jan. 1963 – May 1964 HH-43B, Det. 8, Atlantic Air Rescue Center – Zaragoza AB, Spain

May 1964 – May 1965 HH-43B, Det. 8, Atlantic Air Rescue Center – Bitburg AB, Germany

Jun. 1965 – Dec. 1965 HH-43B, Det. 5, Central Air Rescue Center, K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI.

TDY (16 Aug 1965 – 19 Oct 1965) HH-43B Provisional Rescue Det. – Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN

TDY (20 Oct – Dec 7, 1965) HH-43B Provisional Rescue Det. – Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN

Jan 1966 – May 1968 HH-43B, Det. 9, Central Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Center – England AFB, LA.

TDY (Nov 1966 – Jun 1967) HH-43B Det. 12 Central Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Center, Randolph AFB, TX.

TDY (9 Mar 1968 – 12 May 1968) HH-43B Det. Provisional 1st, ARRS Squadron Provisional 1646 – Kunsan AB, Korea

May 1968 – Feb 1969 HH-43B, Det. 8, 38th Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Squadron,
Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN

Aug. 1969 – May 1972 HH-3E, 31st Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Squadron, Clark AB, RP.

Jun. 1972 – Dec. 1975 HQ Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service

Jan. 1975 – Oct. 1978 HQ Military Airlift Command

Jan. 1979 – Feb. 1981 HH-3E, Det. 14, 67th Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Squadron, Keflavik AB, Iceland

Feb. 1981 – Oct. 1983 HQ Military Airlift Command

Oct. 1983 – Dec. 1987 USAF-CAP Liaison Region Office, Wright Patterson AFB, OH.

Dec. 1997 – Jul. 1989 HQ CAP-USAF, Maxwell AFB, AL.

Additional Training/education;

Basic Survival School – 1961

Jungle Survival School – 1969

Squadron Officer School – Aug. 1965

Air Command & Staff College – Aug. 1975

National Security Management, National Defense University – April 1979

Master of Arts Degree – Webster College 1976

Claim to Fame – I was credited for saving Gen Charles Lindbergh’s life on Easter Sunday, 1972. (See narrative of mission on claim-to-fame page or click here)

Post Military career;

Aug. 1990 – Oct. 1996 – American Eagle regional airline pilot – JS-32 (Jetstream)

Oct. 1996 – Aug. 1997 – Corporate Express regional airline pilot – JS-32 (Jetstream)

Jan. 1998 – Nov. 2005 – Corporate Flight Management (Charter) – Pilot – JS-32 (Jetstream)

Family History;

Wife “Janie” has remained a stabilizing influence on my life, both while on active duty and retired. Though she has not worked (out of the house) she has remained active in several activities. She played golf and took guitar lessons in the PI and then took up oil painting and stained glass. Now she is very active in our church, as she’s on several committees, and chair of a couple.

I commissioned both sons in 1982. The oldest “Keith” came on active duty in 1982 with a MA in math and was soon sent to AFIT, where he earned a PhD in Operations Research. He then went back to Scott AFB, where he worked only a few feet from where I worked previously. He was paid to separate after 10 year’s service and is now in the Air HQ of UPS at Louisville. He and wife “Becky” have three children.

The other son “Mark” started USAF helicopter training at Ft. Rucker. Upon graduation flew UH-1N’s at Plattsburgh AFB. He later completed the “Fixed Wing Qualification” and then flew F-16s for several years. His body makes kidney stones, so he had to transition to a crew served aircraft. He qualified in the E-3A AAWCS aircraft at Tinker, then became a Squadron CO in Okinawa. Upon return, to the CONUS, he attended AWC, then stayed at Maxwell AFB, AL., as the Commandant of the Air and Space Basic Course. He pinned on his Colonels eagles in September 2005. He and wife “Chrissie” have two children.

Retirement pastime and activities;

I enjoy playing golf a couple times a week, woodworking, and of course working on this computer. Upon retiring from the USAF, we took a ten month motorhome trip around the United States, during which we took advantage of the Military standby airlift and flew on a C-5 to Germany for Christmas 1989. We have kept the motorhome, and still do several trips a year, mostly with the club to which we belong.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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