Bob Young

I served in the Air Force from Oct. 1964 till Oct. 1968.

I signed up for motor pool and got helicopters.

After basic training at Lackland, I trained at Wichita Falls, TX.

My first assignment was to Whiteman AFB in Missouri. They had (6) H-19B helicopters. After we stripped and repainted them, the AF shipped them to the bone yard.

I was sent to Malmstrom in Montana to train on the Bell UH-1F choppers. After returning to Whiteman we received 6 new planes. I didn’t get assigned to one bird for a while. I got to go to each plane that was getting maintenance. After a while, I gained enough experience, and was made crew chief on 64-15495.

In 1967 I went TDY to NKP and was with the unit that transferred to Nha Trang.

After returning to the states, I served TDY in Goose Bay.

At the close of my service, I headed up the tire shop and worked in Job Control.

I settled in Kansas City and now live in Colorado.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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