Louie Alexander

1965  to 1969

Helicopter Basic maintenance training (H-19) Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas.

Assigned helicopter flight line mechanic – (H-43B) Sheppard Air Force Base

Advanced helicopter school – (UH-1F) Sheppard Air Force Base

Advanced helicopter school – (CH-3E) Sheppard Air Force Base

Assigned 20th Helicopter Squadron, Viet Nam. Arrived in country June 28, 1967 NhaTrang Air Base, Republic of Viet Nam – 20TH Helicopter Squadron.

Reassigned  July 1, 1967 to Udron Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand – 20th Helicopter Squadron (Call Sign – “Pony Express.”)

July 1, 1968 20th Helicopter Squadron redesignated 20th Air Commando Squadron.

August 1, 1968, unit again redesginated 20th Special Operations Squadron.

Jungle Survival School – Clark Air Base in the Philippines

AFSC (A4355OB) – Flight Engineer CH3E (H-3) Sikorsky

Standardization/Evaluation Crew Chief / Top Secret Clearance

Flew 162 combat missions – Laos, Cambodia, North Viet Nam, Burma.

Shot down approaching Lima Site (1967) over the Plains of Jars. Aircraft and crew recovered/repaired, flown back to Udorn a week later.

While extracting a 20 man ground team in Cambodia in later 1967, ambushed by large NVA force while on the ground. Pilot and Co-pilot hit on approach, aircraft shot up badly. Heavy automatic and mortar fire, attacking squads. We had to really fight our way out before we could fly out of the LZ. Awarded  the Silver Star.

Extended tour twice and stayed until discharge date next day after rotating back to the ‘world.’ 

Far too many stories to tell.

Discharged – Honorable 16 Sep 69 – God Is Good!!!


Louie Alexander

~ Final Flight ~

September 12, 2020

Service for: Rev. Louie Alexander Date: Friday, Sept 25, 2020 Viewing 9:00 am- 10:45 am Service: 11:00 am- 12:00 pm Church at Bethle’s Family 12660 Sandpiper Dr, Houston, TX 77035

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