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The various publication, movie, and video titles here are a list of any know stories and/or visual presentation of USAF helicopters and their missions and/or operations. All the listings are provided by the membership.

USAF helicopters may only be mentioned or shown briefly in some of this media, but provides insights into our history or technical specifications. Some of these items may no longer be available for purchase but might be found in libraries across the country.

USAF RotorHeads is not indorsing or recommending any of these items, but supplies this listing to provide awareness of media items that may be of interest to anyone seeking more information about USAF helicopters, reading or seeing stories, of USAF helicopter history.


Airport 19751974HH-53B
Tomorrow Never Dies1997MH-53J
The Day After Tomorrow2004CH-53E
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen2009MH-53J


55 DaysThe Fall Of South VietnamAlan Dawson0-13-314476-3
A Certain BrotherhoodA Novel Of The Secret War Over The Ho Chi Minh TrailCol. Jimmie H. Buttler1-58881-005-4
Air CommandoInside The Air Force Special Operations CommandPhilip D. Chinnery312958811
Air Commando ChroniclesVietnam, Latin America, and Back AgainCol. Bob Gleason897452496
Air Commando OneHeinie Aderholt And America's Secret Air WarsWarren A. Trest156098807X
A Very Short WarThe Mayaguez and the Battle of Koh TangJohn F. Guilmartin, Jr.0-89096-665-6
Across The FenceThe Secret War In VietnamJohn Stryker Meyer0-9743618-1-X
Air War In VietnamPhil Chinnery0-671-08927-7
Air War Over South Vietnam 1968-1975Bernard C. Nalty0-16-050914-9
Air War Over Southeast AsiaA Pictorial Record Vol. 3 1971-1975Lou Drendel0-89747-148-2
Any Time Any PlacePhilip D. Chinnery9781557500373
Apollo's WarriorsUnited States Air Force Special Operations During the Cold WarCol. Michael E. Haas1-58566-035-3
Arsenal Of Democracy IIAmerican Military Power In The 1980s and The Origins Of The New Cold WarTom Gervasi0-394-17662-6
Chariots Of The DamnedHelicopter Special Operations from Vietnam To KosovoMaj. Mike McKinney* and Mike Ryan0-312-98980-6
Cheating DeathCombat Air Rescues In Vietnam And LaosGeorge J. Marrett1-58834-104-6
Combat Search And Rescue In Desert StormDarrel D. Whitcomb*1-58566-153-8
Covert OpsThe CIA's Secret War In LaosJames E. Parker, Jr.0-312-96340-8
Escape From LaosDieter Dengler0-89141-076-7
Eyewitness Vietnam1st Hand Accounts from Operations Rolling Thunder to the Fall of SaigonDonald L. Gilmore with D. M. Giangreco1-4027-2852-2
From a Dark SkyThe Story of U.S. Air Force Special OperationsOrr Kelly0-7881-6839-8
Green HornetsThe History Of The U.S. Air Force 20th Special Operations SquadronWayne Mutza*978-0-7643-2779-7
H-3 Sea King In ActionSquadron/Signal Publications Aircraft Number 150Al Adcock0-89747-330-2
Heart Of The StormMy Adventures As A Helicopter Rescue Pilot And CommanderCol. Edward Fleming0-471-26436-9
HelicoptersMilitary Hardware In ActionMark Dartford0-8225-4704-4
Helicopters & Autogyros Of The WorldEnlarged and revised editionPaul Lambermont with Anthony Pine0-498-07671-7
Helicopters And Other VTOL'sHal Hellman76-126383
Helicopter GunshipsWayne Mutza*978-1-58007-154-3
Helicopters Of the WorldMichael J.H. Taylor and John W.R. Taylor0-684-15865-5
I Flew With HeroesA True Story of Rescue & Recovery Durng Vietnam War Including Raid at Son TayLt. Col. (Ret) Thomas R. Waldron*978-1-46992-547-9
How The Helicopter Changed Modern WarfareWalter J. Boyne978-1-58980-700-6
Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Military Aircraft1914 To PresentEnzo Angelucci0-7858-1359-4
Interdiction in Southern Laos 1960-1968Jacob Van Staaveren0-912799-80-3
Kaman H-43An Illustrated HistoryWayne Mutza0-7643-0529-8
Kaman H-43 HuskieA Lifetime After Military ServiceJohan D. Ragy*978-90-71553-19-6
Last Man OutA Personal Account of the Vietnam WarJames E. Parker, Jr.978-0-307-48697-4
Leave No Man BehindThe Saga Of Combat Search And RescueGeorge Galdorisi and Tom Phillips978-0-7603-2392-2
MASH AngelsRichard C. Kirkland978-158080158-4
Memories Of Naked FannyNakhon Phanom, RTAFBRobert Dennard978-0-9844869-0-8
Military Helicopters Of The WorldMilitary Rotary-Wing Aircraft Since 1917Norman Polmar and Floyd D. Kennedy, Jr.0-87021-383-0
Modern Military AircraftBill Gunston0-517-22477-1
National Museum Of The United States Air ForceA Pictorial Tour Of The Museum, 2nd Revised Ed (2007)0-9611634-2-9
On a Steel Horse I RideA History of the MH-53 Pave Low Helicopters in War and PeaceDarrel C. Whitcomb*978-1-58566-220-3
One Day Too LongTop Secret Site 85 and the Bombing of North VietnamTimothy N. Castle0-231-10316-6
PJ's in VietnamThe Story of Air Rescue in Vietnam as seen through the eyes of PararescuemenSMSgt Robert L. LaPointe0-9708671-0-7
Search And Rescue In Southeast AsiaEarl H. Tilford Jr.92-37232
Secret War        Billy G. Webb978-1-4535-6485-1
Shadow WarThe CIA's Secret War In LaosKenneth Conboy978-0-87364-825-7
SOGA Photo History of the Secret WarsJohn L. Plaster1-58160-058-5
SOGThe Secret Wars Of America's Commandos In VietnamJohn Plaster0-684-81105-7
SOGMACV Studies & Opservations Group VOLUME IHarve Saal0-9625970-2-3
SOGMACV Studies & Observations Group VOLUME IVHarve Saal0-9625970-6-6
Tails Of A Helicopter PilotRichard C. Kirkland1-56098-985-1
Tails Of A War PilotRichard C. Kirkland1-56098-888-6
The Complete Book Of HelicoptersD. N. Ahnstrom54-8173
The Four Day of MayaguezRoy Rowan978-0-393-33244-5
The Helicopter DirectoryJoseph Mill Brown0-7153-7053-7
The Korean WarAn EncyclopediaStranley Sandler0-8240-4445-2
The Last BattleRalph Wetterhahn0-7867-0858-1
The Rescue Of Bat 21Darrel D. Whitcomb*1-55750-946-8
The Secret Vietnam WarThe United States Air Force in Thailand, 1961-1975Jeffrey D. Glasser0-7864-2284-6
The Secret War Against HanoiKennedy's and Johnson's Use of Spies, Saboteurs, & Covert Warriors in NVNRichard H. Shultz, Jr.0-06-019454-5
The Story of the Winged-SIgor I. Sikorsky
The United States Air Force In Southeast AsiaTactical AirliftRay L. Bowers
The USAF Search and Rescue in southeast Asia1961-1975Office of Air Force History
The War Against TrucksAerial Interdiction in Southern Laos 1968-1972Bernard C. Nalty0-16-072494-5
The World's HelicoptersJoan Bradbrooke0 370 01557 6
Those Brave CrewsRay Ward0-89288-144-5
UH-1 Huey In ActionSquadron/Signal Publications Aircraft Number 75Wayne Mutza*0-89747-179-3
US Air Force Special OperationsRick Llinares & Andy Evans978-1-906959-21-0
Vietnam Air RescuesDave Richardson978-1434891341
Vietnam ChoppersHelicopters In Battle 1950-1975Simon Dunstan1-84176-796-4
Vietnam The Helicopter WarPhilip D. Chinnery1-55750-875-5

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