During the war in SEA U.S. Air Force helicopters of the Air Rescue and Recovery Service and Special Operation Units flew daily, often times being exposed to hostile fire. During the war there were 103 helicopters lost, primarily due to hostile fire.

There were 107 brave souls that were KIA, of which 24 are still listed as MIA. Seven crewmembers were taken as POWs, six were released and one was killed during Escape and Evasion. One individual was able to avoid capture and was later rescued.

There were numerous other helicopters that were lost primarily due to hostile fire in which the aircrews were rescued. We have in our group two such individuals, one survived two crashes; James (J. D.) Adams and Gerard (Jerry/Buck) Bucknall.

Here is the data on their respective incidents:

21st SOS NKP
CH-3E (67-14702) - 15 Jan 69

Gerald T. Henery (P)
Adams (CP)
Gerard Bucknall (FE)
Hernand E. Wilson (FE)

21st SOS NKP
CH-3E (65-15691) - 27 Jun 69

Gerald T. Henery (P)
F. L. Mattos (CP)
J. D. Adams (FE)
Hernand E. Wilson (FE)

40th ARRS Udorn
HH-53C (68-8285) - 21 Jul 71

C. Bennet (P)
B. Robben (CP)
J. D. Adams (FE)
Chuck McGrath (PJ)
Jon Holberg (PJ)

Additional info from Ray Brown:
In July of 1971, the same month as 285 was downed, the 40th ARRS moved to NKP. Aircraft 285 belonged to the 40th from NKP. "I was a crew chief assigned to the 40th from Jan 71 to Jan 72. I was there before, during and after the move and remember very well the day we lost 285."

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