Bob Blough

Bob and Ruth Blough

Aug 71 – Apr 72:  US Army Rotary Wing Aviator Course, Ft Wolters, TX & Ft Rucker, AL — TH-55, TH-13, UH-1B/C/H

Apr 72 – Sep 72:  CH-3 transition at Hill AFB, UT

Sep 72 – Dec 74:  703 TASSq, Shaw AFB, SC  CH-3E

Jan 74 – May 74:  HH-53 transition at Hill AFB, UT

Jun 74 – Nov 75:  40 ARRSq, Nakhon Phnom RTAFB, Thailand 


Dec 75 – Jul 78:  20 SOSq, Hurlburt Field, FL  CH-3E  (Resigned AD)

Jul 79 – Feb 93:  305 ARRSq (AFRES), Selfridge ANGB, MI  HH-3E  (Retired)

Claim to fame:  The second of only three pilots given honorary membership in “The Swamp” (40ARRS/MX Night Shift).

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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