Dave Comstock

USAF service dates May 1968 – Oct. 1972 helicopter mechanic / crew chief.

Helicopter schools;
Sheppard AFB Sept. 1968 basic helicopter, Sept. 1969 H-3, Sept. 1971 H-53.

Duty stations;
Nov. 1968 – Nov. 1969, Eglin AFB 48th ARRS (ARRTC), assigned to HH-53C 67-14996 also worked on 66-14428 and 66-14429 and luckily got to go both Apollo 10 and 11 launch site support missions on 67-14994 and 67-14995.

Nov. 1969 – Nov. 1970, NKP Thailand, 21st SOS, crew chief CH-3E 66-13293 (Avenger) and 1st crew chief for the 1st CH-53 assigned to the 21st SOS 68-10926 (Arkansas Traveler) Knife 21.

Nov. 1970 – Oct. 1972, Edwards AFB, 6515th OMS, crew chief CH-3E 65-12797, MARS drone recovery also worked on H-53 67-14993 for the palletized MARS recovery system.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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