Helicopter Accidents

This page documents U.S. Air Force helicopter accidents. If you have any information to contribute, please contact us.

Suwon AB, Korea
28 Jul 1954

S/N 52-7482

Crash occurred 5 miles SE of Suwon AB.
Pilot in Command – Stanley Wright Jr.

The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah)
Friday, July 30, 1954 page 2

Victims of Crash Identified

WASHINGTON (UP) – The Air Force today make public the names of eight persons killed and presumed killed in a fighter plane and a helicopteer crash in Korea yestersay.

Listed as dead in the crash of an H-19 helicopter which sought to rescue victims of the fighter crash was A1C Vernon Elmer Cranmer, 11417 S. W. 46th Ave., Portland.

Those listed as missing and presumed dead in the same helicopter included. Lt. Col. Joyce A. Albert, husband of Madelaine Albert, Walnut Creek, Calif, and Capt. Julian M. Kidwell, husband of Francis Smith Kidwell, 378 Roxbury Dr., San Bernadono, Calif.

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