Lovell, Robert

Robert Lovell, SSgt., USAF (Fallen)
October 12, 1960 – January 14, 1991

UH-1N #69-6635
Edwards AFB, CA.
14 January 1991

A UH-1N 69-6635 of the 6512th Test Squadron at Edwards AFB, CA. crashed while on a routine training mission due to main drive shaft failure. Killed in the crash were Capt. John Augustine (P), SSgt. Robert Lovell and two other crew members were injured.
~Additional Information Provided by Major Alan D. Resnicke, USAF (Retired)~

The copilot of that helicopter was Major Alan D. Resnicke, sustaining serious injuries, and the flying crew chief was SSgt William Tyler, sustaining major, life-threatening injuries.  Both eventually recovered and returned to flying duties.  The night unaided instructor upgrade flight took place over the Mojave Desert.  The main driveshaft failed at the transmission end which subsequently made contact with the tail rotor driveshaft, causing it to fail as well.  The shrapnel from this impact also caused both engines to fail.

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