Mason, David Dean

David Dean Mason, Captain, USAF (Fallen)
December 23, 1985 – January 15, 1985

On 15 January 1985 a HH-53 helicopter, call sign Arris 01, from the 6594th Test Group crashed while attempting a shipboard rescue mission 540 miles north of Honolulu. 

All seven crew members were killed: 

Capt. David D. Mason
Capt. Steve Pindzola 
2Lt. Russell Ohl

Flight Engineers 
SSgt. Kyle D. Marshall 
SSgt. Daniel R. Reihman 

SSgt. John R. Gilbert
Sgt. Robert A. Jermyn 

The helicopter crashed when a main rotor blade broke creating an imbalance in the aircraft which caused the tail to break off while the helicopter hovered above the commercial ship, “Asian Beauty.” 

Captain Mason had been married only a few days and returned early from his honeymoon to volunteer for the flight. 

A memorial plaque in honor of the seven crew members is located in the yard of the chapel at Hickam Field.

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