John C. Ratliff.

I served as a PJ during all of my tours;

1967 – 1968, after basic training and PJ school serving first with the 33rd ARRSq in Okinawa (and Korea), crewing the HU-16.

1968 – 1969, detached to Kunsan AFB, Korea on HH-43Bs.

1969 – 1970, with the 55th ARRSq, Kingsley Field, Bermuda and then Orlando AFB, FL.

1970 – 1971, with the 37th ARRSq on the HH-53C & HH-43B on TDY to NKP.

1971 – 1977, after leaving active duty I re-enlisted and served with the 304th ARRSq. (Reserve) in Portland, OR. (while attending Oregon State University 1972-1977) where we crewed, first the HH-34J and then the HH-1H helicopters.

Integrity, Honor, and Respect
Some of the best things cannot be bought, they must be earned

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