Aviation Historian

We are honored to have someone like Wayne, with the wealth of information he has, to assist us in accomplishing our goal of documenting the history of Air Force helicopters and the folks involved with them.

Wayne served in the 240th AHC in 1971, Greyhound White Flight, CE/Doorgunner, UH-1C 67-17522, 240th AHC Flightline. He crewed OH-6A “Loaches,” and served briefly as a VNAF maintenance/gunnery advisor, and was an airborne infantryman.

Wayne is an accomplished author on military aviation and has written numerous books on the subject. By clicking on the below link you will able to see some of the many books he has written.,%20Wayne

One book of interest is his book “Kaman H-43”, an illustrated history of the H-43 beginning with the basic idea. There are numerous great photos in the book. A great book, especially for those who have experiences with that grand old bird.

Wayne also has written a book titled “Green Hornets”. As the name infers it is about the UH-1 Hueys of the 20th SOS.

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